Sunday, September 22, 2013


It's a day of wander.   Wander around the house.  Wander around the shop.  Wander around the yard.  
I have a framed  embroidery  that reads,  Not all who wander are lost.  Perhaps a better word for it is meander.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I help pick two bushel baskets of ripe tomatoes.
My mother in her eighties, has six flourishing tomato plants at the edge of her flower garden.
She is a planter and tends.  I'm good at harvesting.

Then I go with my father for coffee at the Cafe
where he has breakfast every morning at the Round Table.
He talks about interesting things.
Yesterday he flew over 32 wind turbines on the Dakota Plains.
I too like to tell stories.  We both add cream.

Tomorrow morning,  my parents will get up early and   drive 12 hours down the freeway to visit my sister who's having a birthday.
They have a way of occupying the life that has been given to them.
They are better at it than I.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Beanie Baby

I think collectors have lost their craze for Beanie Babies.
Beanie Babies are cute!
I think children would like them as toys.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wiping the slate clean.

Cleaned up the computer.  So much spam.  A new antivirus was installed, but there were technical kinks to iron out,  and a service call was required.    Out came our service number spoken into the phone....  "B as in boy...3, L,  What?  T as in Tom.  What?  Louder?    You're breaking up again,  T as in Tom...".  

Reminds me of the long drawn out attempt Tawnia once  made,  trying to  get  techy support, insisting  that it be  from the  USA. She stayed on the line  well into the night.  Finally, she got Jerry.  "Jerry?"  she asked in disbelief.  Then she stated emphatically,  "You're in  India,  your  name's not Jerry!"  
So back to giving the service number: "Q."  I said,  (to "Jerry").    "Q,  Q as in cucumber." 

By the way,  Sorry, but I closed the comments option in my blog as a spam deterrent.  

As I write this post, there isn't  an icon in the left hand corner  that says "error on page".  HOORAY!   I don't have to limp  between Compose and HTML in the tool bar any longer.    (Putting up  a post was like  somebody jabbing me in the back while I was  trying to sing.)   
After months of struggling with it,  the solution was easy.  Upgrade your server to GoogleChrome.  It's even free.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


In my house,  by myself, with a pencil and paper and a few good books,  I feel intelligent and educated.  I need my house to myself...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Truth Be Told

If you would rule the world quietly, you must keep it amused. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friends you hear from at Christmas or afterwards

Don't you hate it when long ago,  far away friends email you when  your annual Christmas greeting card doesn't show. You want to...