Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm writing again

I'm writing again.  It feels like getting in touch with an old friend. 

I live on paper.  I guess that means I'm meant to write.  

"If you're going to live to be a hundred,  you had better be in shape."  Tam

A one line story - like tacos in a bag.

Learn to decide. 

My phone rings.  I answer.  

"It's the Tawnia Morning Talk Show!"

I'm out for a morning walk.

I have the day.  Come what may.
(Have you read,  "Walking Your Blues Away" by Thom Hartmann.  Most interesting.)

Hi Tawnia,  Today we're going to Menards and Taco Johns.  Wish you were here.  We'd go somewhere else.

Chocolate has always made me happy.  I don't remember a time I was unhappy eating chocolate.  Except for the day after eating too much chocolate,  I then go into a mean slump.

A day of cut and paste?  OR a day of cut and stitch?

In the mail,  a printed thank you card sketched and  filled in with crayon.  Wasn't that our idea Miss C?    Children's drawings and the found art of crayons. 

I was visiting the rest home,  and wearing long flat brown earth shoes,  size 10.  One of the residents in bibs,  looked down at them and said,  "Quack".   

Writing is good.  It puts me into perspective.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Late In Life Folk Artist

Wildlife painted on pine boards with acrylics and charm, behind care center doors.
And signed,  "With God's help.  Brite Skies by Doc  age 83".

(Doc paved tar roads for a living".)

I could sell your paintings for you on Ebay,"  Jay suggested.

  "No,"  said Doc.  "I haven't got time to be famous.  I just want to paint."

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby Birds To Boot

Baby Birds To Boot 


At a local bank, thirty farmers have been turned down for loans in the last few weeks.  The farmers planned to use the  money to put in  their crops  this spring.  (They are told,  a government loan might be possible.)

Did they, in the past, when prices were good for a bushel of wheat,  spend too much of their profit to buy big tractors?  Did farming get too expensive?
Many small farmers sold out some years ago.  What of these,  the bigger farmers?

And  when loans are no longer the answer,  who is waiting in the wings to buy the fields?  The biggest?

Sunday, May 24, 2015


It's A  Turkey Shoot;  once an old sport in the South where  turkeys in a cage got shot at
 if they stuck their necks out.

If you happen to be a turkey, I recommend that you listen, gobble, and bobble, but  keep your head down.  Ludle Ludle Ludle. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Why Not Spring?

If I had my druthers
I'd go for a ride in the countryside
and enjoy all the spring colors!

Sometimes artists are fluid and don't fit in boxes.
Too many corners.

I am too stubborn to be anything but a folk artist.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

life sometimes
gets tangled up
and it's hard to know how
it will untangle
but God knows and
others can help.

Monday, May 4, 2015

FiRsT FloWeRs

In the spring, the first flowers for the bees are the dandelions.  
maybe keep some of these...

DANDELIONS: The first leaves are good in a  salad in the spring. 
In the summer,  the flower under your chin let's you  see if you like butter. 
From the roots, make a tincture in the fall.  

Friday, May 1, 2015

Stamp Heist

Stamp Heist
  The house keeper arrived and  took off her coat.  She was ready for the  day's tasks.
  The lady of the house,  ( in a well kept kitchen),  held up a roll of regular postage stamps. 
  "One of the  stamps is missing,"  said the Lady of the House, accusing.    "Did you take it?"
  The house keeper looked around,  her eyes resting on an open window that she had washed and polished the day before.  
  "No, I did not,"  she replied.  "Maybe someone in the middle of the night  broke in to the house and took it."  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hair Care

How does a beautician do it?  
Cut my hair so I walk out of there
looking smart and styled, 
only to appear in the mirror 
the next day
looking dumb and chopped.


He said,  "Do you know a Theodore?"
"No,"  she said.  "But I know two Teds.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Yes, back to writing

A Polka Dance shirt is plaid with snaps.
"Dad,  you don't want one of those."  

Arts and Crafts and Myrtle.  gentle spirit.  more to her.  but who knew it.  
she died last week,  but it's not too late for me.


I hear Cindy's feet pattering 
down the hallway and into the kitchen.
She is wheel chair bound with MS.
So yes, I was dreaming...dreaming turned
into a prayer request.


Day Care Provider

   She has disease spots
all over her body,  that sister of mine.  
   A child in her daycare asks,  touching  her face,  "What are they?" and decides, 
 "I like them.  They look like butterflies."


Early Rain AT 3 AM
Not all the snow on the ground has melted yet.  
March 29th.  The celebration of Christ entering the city 
with a chorus of Hosannas and palm branches alongside. 
 Christ still in the flesh,  who wept a second time
knowing the joy and sorrow and the joy to come for the people and for Jerusalem. 

Catching UP

 Legacy Grant?

   The red haired girl on Minnesota PBS strums a base fiddle - a tipped up wash tub attached to a stick and some strings.  (It sounds like an Appalachian thing.)
   In the midst of Minnesota's flat farmland, my grandmother played Christmas Carols on an upright piano.
   She washed clothes in a wash tub plunked
outdoors in the snow.
   On a wash board.
   Water heated in a copper kettle on top of a gas stove.
   Five children with clean frocks and corduroy pants.
   Five times she had pneumonia.

   On the top of her piano,  a vase, and brown tone photograph, alongside a little black plaque with painted flowers and a verse "And the peace of God,  which passes all understanding,  will keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."  Philippians 4:7.
   I saw it there when I first learned to read. 

I no longer intend to strive
but embrace the quiet of my life. 

Contrast is good.
It sharpens the point like a pencil.

I'm writing again.
It feels like getting in touch 
with an old friend.

I write before the King of Kings, 
How wonderful an audience is that?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Beginning Again

I lost my waist,  I let it go.
To chocolate cake and pizza dough.....

I used to pinch an inch
 and now I  can "grab a glob".  (quote not mine but it fits!)

That's how long its been since I last blogged.

It's time to go find a  vegetable smoothie machine.

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