Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm writing again

I'm writing again.  It feels like getting in touch with an old friend. 

I live on paper.  I guess that means I'm meant to write.  

"If you're going to live to be a hundred,  you had better be in shape."  Tam

A one line story - like tacos in a bag.

Learn to decide. 

My phone rings.  I answer.  

"It's the Tawnia Morning Talk Show!"

I'm out for a morning walk.

I have the day.  Come what may.
(Have you read,  "Walking Your Blues Away" by Thom Hartmann.  Most interesting.)

Hi Tawnia,  Today we're going to Menards and Taco Johns.  Wish you were here.  We'd go somewhere else.

Chocolate has always made me happy.  I don't remember a time I was unhappy eating chocolate.  Except for the day after eating too much chocolate,  I then go into a mean slump.

A day of cut and paste?  OR a day of cut and stitch?

In the mail,  a printed thank you card sketched and  filled in with crayon.  Wasn't that our idea Miss C?    Children's drawings and the found art of crayons. 

I was visiting the rest home,  and wearing long flat brown earth shoes,  size 10.  One of the residents in bibs,  looked down at them and said,  "Quack".   

Writing is good.  It puts me into perspective.  

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